ISD Packs

With the cheapest ISD tariff rates, Uninor truly makes the world a smaller place! Bring the world closer to you with Uninor's cheapest ISD plans for Andhra Pradesh users. Now stay connected with your loved ones throughout the world with Uninor's ISD plans.

Validity (days)
Key Benefits
Talk Time
Rs. 19 28 US_Canada, Canada Fixed, Canada, USA Fixed, Alaska, Dominica, Puerto Rico Fixed, USA = @2p/sec;
United Kingdom Fixed, United Kingdom = @3p/sec;
Malaysia Mobile = @4p/sec;
South Korea Fixed, Hong Kong Fixed =@5p/sec;
Turkey Fixed = @6p/sec;
Oman Fixed, Nepal Fixed = @12p/sec;
Japan, Pakistan Fixed, Saudi Arabia Fixed = @15p/sec;
Ukraine Fixed, Ukraine Mobile, Philippines Fixed, Philippines Mobile, Abkhazia_Russia Fixed, Russia, Russia Mobile, Sakhalin, Qatar Fixed, Qatar Mobile, United Arab Emirates Fixed = @20p/sec;
Ukraine Mobile, Iraq Fixed = @25p/sec;
United Kingdom Mobile, United Kingdom Special, United Kingdom Premium, Mayanmar Fixed, Oman Mobile = @30p/sec;
Libya Mobile = @35p/sec;

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